Hacked By Jund El-Sham Electronic


Do you see this smile ?

Please remember this face and don't forget it because you will see her
in the second life and Allah will ask you what did you do to save her.
This girl is one of Syrians chlidren in refugee camps.
They do not have food and water that you don't even think about it .
Your and my governments are back for all that it happing for us and
you on the world and i know that you don't agree to kill children on
the fucking world but if you accept that i wich you more that we see.

Sorry about hack your website but we have a message and need to
 deliver it

Good to know ..
We are not terrorsts ;) 

We are : Omar5200 - MuSl!M HaCkEr - Amer Haxor - Mr Jamal - General Syria - Abo Omar - Mr ShiPP -  Mr.X - Falcon SY Hack - Abo 7mody